Justin Ryke is back to it with TNA GUTCHECK and is on the new brackets. Bracket 11 for the first round!

TNA GUTCHECK has re opened the voting polls with new rules and brackets! please read the following:

Starting April 4, you will need to register at in order to vote in each bracket. IMPORTANT: You cannot change your vote. Once you vote, the bracket will be closed to you. When the next bracket opens, you can return the the voting page, sign in and vote again. Whichever competitor earns the most votes at the end of each bracket will advance to the “Winners Bracket”. Then, from June 8-15, fans will vote on which competitor from the “Winners Bracket” will get the chance to compete on IMPACT for a chance at a TNA contract!                                       

 Before voting starts, we encourage everyone to learn about the competitors by viewing their bios below! The date each bracket will be open is also listed. If you are one of the participants – make sure your friends, family and supporters know which Bracket/Dates to vote!

BRACKET 11 (May 14-16)   


More News…

Justin Ryke will be teaming up with H8FEED.COM to produce a new Podcast for the IWL Roku channel! Justin will be bringing back his old radio days with co-host James “Still needs a nickname” Aleman. The show will feature: Interviews with Wrestlers, fans and promoters, comedy and so much more.

“I expect this show to be an entertaining show, not a typical “wrestling bashing the industry show”… no need to bash. too many others like it out there.” – Ryke

“Booyakashaw!” -James Aleman

Debuting this week on the IWL ROKU channel!

learn more about the IWL ROKU channel now at http://THEIWL.COM

Ryke v. Divine?

As we reported last time, Justin Ryke and Damon Divine have an ongoing online fued stemming from the TNA Gutcheck Challenge Competition. The verbal bashing as grown in to Video Messages and Facebook posts to Ryke and his supporters.

“I don’t understand why you morons can’t get it through your thick skulls that I am not looking to “work” with Justin Arredondo. I genuinely do not like him. I would be happy just kicking the shit out of him. I’m not looking to offer my services to the IWL and entertain the morons that attend those shows. Do you get it??????”- Divine

Ryke’s response was simple:

 “Damon, u talk so big and tough, but when it comes right down to it, ur all talk, savior of wrestling? how bout i just kick ur ass!” – Ryke

This led to IWL Owner Vic Luna to respond:

 “Damon, I don’t know why you are wasting your time arguing with our fans. If you TRULY think you are THAT good and that you are the “savior” of wrestling, why don’t you prove it? Show us ALL how its done! All you have to do is give me the word, and I can make it happen.” -Luna

Will this battle take place? Ryke issues this statement on this possible bout:

“I want this fight, I gotta make this fight happen. I want to prove that this isn’t about TNA Gutcheck, this isn’t about My career, this isn’t even about The IWL… its about wrestling. Its about the show I love being apart. Damon claims hes saving this sport, I claim he is the representation of every bitter wrestler out there who feels they are the only type that belongs. This sport belongs to anyone who loves it… Ill prove that if Divine Accepts.”- Ryke